hey, my name is Ira, i'm 17.
my main fandoms are Glee, Big Time Rush, Teen Wolf, Arianna Grande, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Sherlock and HIMYM ~

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I love this song so much, it’s just been such a great rock for me. It gives me strength, it gives me joy and I really hope that you guys love it. So this is “Cannonball” by me, Lea Michele. Hope you guys liked it, I love it so I hope you do too.

Title: Cannonball (Acoustic)
Artist: Lea Michele
Played: 10254 times

Lea Michele | Cannonball Acoustic Version



Hey all you Big Time Rushers! Here’s an exclusive, behind the scenes photo of James doodling while on set at NBC Crisis.

James Maslow’s doodle for Doodle4NF 2014

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He fucking drew the star of david

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Just tell him. It’s all coming out now. It’s all over. Just tell them. Just tell them. Tell him!

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“Because a lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.”

—Barney Stinson, 5x19, “Zoo or False”

A.K.A. The How I Met Your Mother finale, as far as I’m concerned.

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The Assassination of Robin Scherbatsky


The finale talk is overdone and frustrating but I wrote up a review for class and wanted to post it here. Meh. 



They dated on-and-off throughout “How I Met Your Mother,” and in the final moments, it was clear Ted and Robin were on again. In the words of Marshall Eriksen, it’s gone from played out to charmingly retro and back again six or seven times now. After nine seasons of bickering, it was absolutely played out. Devoted fans of the show didn’t deserve such a harried ending, because Ted didn’t deserve Robin.

Now ignoring everything that’s transpired in the past nine years between Ted and Robin, I can consider how their love story might seem romantic. Boy meets girl in a bar, and wins her over with grand romantic gesture in the form of a stolen blue horn. They fall apart. After years of unsuccessful relationships and lost loves, they come back together, recreating that same special moment. It’s what the creators of the show, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, planned out when the series began in 2005. We know this because the scene with Ted’s children -moving on from their dead mother, cheering for Aunt Robin- was shot in the very first season. (The teen actors were aging too quickly.) So despite any character development and better chemistry with others *cough Barney cough*, the show runners essentially refused to sway from a concept they came up with a decade ago.

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OK, let’s just all agree that THIS is the ending we wanted for Swarkles

Urgent security update


Bad news. A major vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr.

We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

But this…

Blaine (Darren Criss), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Artie (Kevin McHale) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) enjoy some time together in the “Tested” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 15th.

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